Configuration for first logging in EBS



1. Hosts:

open hosts files using notpad.exe



1. check current java version

path:start - control panel

if the java version is not, we all need uninstall it.

how to install it is not mentioned here

and never update the java


2. open IE

path:start - Internet Explorer

3. set compatibility view

4. set trusted sites , then close IE


5, reopen IE and log in EBS

click one item in the main menu ,then two results would happen:

1. if java is installed correctly(version,then we will open the EBS form without any problem

2. for other conditions,

if we installed a wrong version of java, we should uninstall it and reinstall java1.6.0.7

or java hasn't been installed,there would be prompt a bar to inform to install java


we should seek in google to download java1.6.0.7 or dowload from EBS server( after a long waiting, we should do as the pic below)

download site:

then reclick one item in the main menu

then click Yes to finish the java installation

close IE and repeat these steps, check this box and click run

choose always allow pop-up from this site

reclick one item in the main menu (for the first time, we may wait about 1minutes )

then the forms finally will be opened


Trouble shooting:

1. confirm your IE version is 32 bit rather than 64 bit

chosse the first one not the second one

2. compatibility setting

3. trusted sites setting

4. disable pop-up blocking tools

5. reference(need oracle account):

6. reference(chinese):

7. confirm your java version is not updated

8. use Firefox for fewer set ups( java version should be or

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